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The “Shiny Object Factor”

One of the best tips for ensuring that your clients don’t lose a customer in the all-important final moments before closing a sale is by employing what we’ll call the Shiny Object Factor. What Is It? Everyone’s familiar with it. … Continue reading

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How to Avoid a Technological Meltdown at the Moment of Truth

The iPhone credit card terminal is a unique device that’s unlike many mobile credit card readers, and not just because your clients can stick it in their back pocket when not in use. Even sleek devices can fail at the … Continue reading

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Fighting Fire with Fire: Using the Internet to Fight Music Piracy

Whoever said they wanted to grow up to be a rock ‘n roll star might be having seconds thoughts right about now—bands these days have it tough. With the advent of online file sharing and the widespread impact of piracy, … Continue reading

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How to Create the Ultimate Win-Win Situation by Offering Discounts

Sometimes, taking additional measures to ensure that your clients sign up for accounts is just what the doctor ordered. Granted, it’s a program that sells itself—being able to offer your web clients a secure credit card payment gateway, all … Continue reading

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Enroll in the PCI Standards Training Program

PCI compliance is a big issue, and one that can have potential negative effects for any merchant that’s found to be out of compliance with its security standards. As a web developer, it’s important for you to be up on … Continue reading

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Exploiting the Power of the Perfectly Positioned Logo

If there’s one rule every web designer should live by in order to develop a successful online store, it’s this: never let ‘em forget who your client is. Sound tough? It’s not. And it’s something that doesn’t require top-notch payment … Continue reading

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