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To Sign or Not to Sign: Either Way Works

As improvements in development continue to be made, the iPhone credit card terminal is morphing in a way to make leaps and bounds look like baby steps. What originally started out as a method of collecting and transmitting credit card … Continue reading

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Surcharges: Just Say No

The practice by some merchants of charging their customers additional fees just for paying by credit card is one that’s been around for a long time, causing heartache everywhere it’s implemented. Some credit card issuers, like Visa and MasterCard, absolutely … Continue reading

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How You Can Set Up Recurring Payments for Your Clients

As most web developers know, not all online merchants who accept credit card payments actually sell merchandise. There are plenty of websites that offer free services, but rely on the generous donations of philanthropic individuals to pay for their bandwidth … Continue reading

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Cut Down on the High Rate of Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is as serious as it sounds. It’s been said that three of every four online shoppers abandons their shopping cart without completing the sale. Online merchants view this as a major issue of concern, and so should … Continue reading

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