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No Business Credit? There Are Options

In your role as a web developer, you may encounter situations where you find yourself offering advice in areas you may never have thought you’d be asked to. A good developer is part techie, part businessman, and part advisor. If … Continue reading

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What’s in an Acronym? CVV, Explained

It goes by as many varied acronyms as you might think possible—certainly enough to cause confusion. But in a way, that’s the point. Because a credit card’s CVV number (that three- or four-digit number that usually appears on the back … Continue reading

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Simple Checkout’s Made Even Simpler with

Integrating your client’s website with the payment gateway is made simple, even for web developers with limited experience in virtual terminal credit card processing, thanks to the help of Development Center. Who Uses Simple Checkout? Simple Checkout is … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Minimum Purchase Requirements

There are responsibilities to building an e-commerce merchant account that extend beyond the technical and into the world of good business advice. Settling on whether or not to enforce minimum purchase requirements is one of those areas you may find … Continue reading

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Mobile Credit Card Processing Is the Wave of the Present

Mobile credit card processing is no gimmick. It’s not a passing phase, and it’s certainly no fad. It isn’t the wave of the future—it’s the wave of the present. And there are signs all over that the ability to process … Continue reading

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