To Sign or Not to Sign: Either Way Works

As improvements in development continue to be made, the iPhone credit card terminal is morphing in a way to make leaps and bounds look like baby steps. What originally started out as a method of collecting and transmitting credit card information without having to buy expensive, bulky credit card terminals is now slowly evolving—and along with it, the expectations of paying customers.

Customer Signatures
Effective on version 3.4 of the iPhone software, your clients now have the option of collecting their customers’ signatures whenever performing wireless payment processing on their iPhones. This is accomplished by the customer using the tip of their finger to scrawl their John Hancock on the iPhone’s glass face.

Is the Signature Absolutely Necessary?
The short answer is: no. If your client has an Card Not Present, Mail Order, Telephone Order, or e-commerce merchant account, then a customer’s signature isn’t required. In these situations, taking a customer’s signature is really only beneficial for the customer, whose initial reticence to have their credit card digits keyed into a cell phone might be eased by this traditional step.

Fighting Chargebacks
Signatures aren’t only for the customer’s sake. What only takes a second to complete can end up working in your client’s favor if that hideous demon in the dark known as “chargeback” ever rears its ugly head.


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