Bands Supplementing Their Income with Merchandise Booths

How many times have you gone to a concert and approached the merchandise booth, only to turn away upon realizing the person on the other side of the makeshift counter is bartering only in green?

It’s a scenario that makes little sense. You probably purchased your tickets online, with a credit card, perhaps after having bought a bunch of the band’s CDs online—also with a credit card. The gas you bought to fill your tank to take you to the evening’s entertainment? Paid for with plastic. So how can it be that such few concert merchandise sellers aren’t equipped to take credit card payments?

The answer could simply be the intimidation factor behind getting in on a credit card merchant account program that’ll allow bands to accept credit card payments, or the perceived notion of less overall hassle. But consider how much money could be raked in if such impulse buys weren’t limited to the amount of cash in the buyer’s pocket? A hundred dollars tastes a lot better going down if it’s done by credit card rather than forked over physically.

If you’re a developer who services band websites, now may be the best time to talk to your clients about the iPhone mobile credit card terminal and the impact taking it on the road with them could have on their bottom line.

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