Cementing Customer Loyalty by Facilitating Fast Refunds

Web developers who specialize in credit card processing for websites are in a position to provide their clients with the tools necessary to offer superior customer service. Whereas offering skillfully executed web design that brings customers in has historically been the web developer’s goal, additional services can often help in keeping those same visitors coming back.

Customer loyalty is seldom cemented through flawless service; instead, it’s when something goes haywire that an online merchant really has an opportunity to win a lifelong customer. Consumers are demanding, but they’re also an incredibly forgiving lot. And a merchant who works overtime to resolve a negative situation can more often than not count on repeat business if the customer’s satisfied.

Case in point: the merchandise refund. Online merchants with credit card capabilities have the tools necessary to resolve customer satisfaction issues quickly and decisively by crediting a customer’s card directly. A customer who’s left to wait an eternity for a refund check to arrive by mail has an awful long time to let their dissatisfaction stew. But a customer whose issue is resolved swiftly is a lot more likely to bring their business back.

Selling your clients on the benefits of credit card payment processing is easy, so long as you look at it from a practical perspective.

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