How Can You Avoid Chargebacks?

A single chargeback won’t be the complete undoing of a merchant’s business, but enough of them can have a substantial impact on their credibility. These days, with online forums that give consumers the opportunity to rage against injustices either real or perceived, even a single blog post can cause a business irreparable damage. As a web developer serving merchant customers, it’s important that you stress the importance of having a clearly documented, well-defined and—above all—extremely fair return, warranty, and order cancellation policy.

Of course, you can’t tell your clients how to run their business, especially if you’re dealing with experienced merchants who’ve been in business longer than the internet’s been around. But if you’re ever given an opportunity to put your two cents in, here are some suggested talking points.

  • Offer a forgiving return policy. Even if you have to appease the small percentage of fickle buyers, doing so could save you a chargeback headache.
  • Make delivery confirmation mandatory. This might be a pain for customers who may have to go to the post office to pick up their package, but will go far in minimizing claims of non-receipt.
  • Require CVV verification for all internet credit card processing, but ensure that PCI requirements are satisfied by not storing this information.
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