How to Avoid a Technological Meltdown at the Moment of Truth

The iPhone credit card terminal is a unique device that’s unlike many mobile credit card readers, and not just because your clients can stick it in their back pocket when not in use. Even sleek devices can fail at the most inopportune moments. Therefore it’s always recommended that, whenever processing from a previously untested location, your clients perform a few tests to ensure they won’t run into any snags during wireless payment processing.

Run Tests
The last thing anyone wants to experience next to an IRS audit is a technological meltdown at the moment of truth. Which is why the iPhone wireless terminal comes equipped with a feature that lets the user run a series of test transactions to ensure performance. The iPhone remote terminal has two test modes.

  • Access the iPhone credit card terminal settings screen and tap “Test Your Account.”
  • Turn on the Test Mode switch directly from the interface.

Important: Your clients will have to turn Test Mode off before they’ll be able to process any actual credit card transactions.

Tip: If your client is working indoors within a convention center, they should ensure they have adequate signal. If not, they may need to obtain an access key to utilize the location’s WiFi.

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