If it Ain’t Broke, Upgrading Is Still an Option

Despite evidence to the contrary, there are people out there who still believe that change is not an essential element of survival in the merchant world. The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality is one you may notice frequently as a web developer, and it’s likely that you’ll encounter at least some clients who are interested in your design services, but who aren’t interested in anything more.

Why? A lot of merchants out there have already sunk time and effort into establishing merchant accounts, have already invested in wireless POS terminals, are happy with their setup and don’t want to go through the hassle of reconfiguring it all. Who can blame them? But if you really want to give your clients the kind of service, pricing, and convenience they deserve, you should to be thinking about how you can change their minds.

Brute force never works, and coercion’s just ugly. So be straightforward with them. The fact is, your clients don’t have to lift a finger to make the change: all the dirty work’s done for them. And they won’t have to sink hundreds of dollars into new wireless terminals: when they sign up for the credit card merchant account program at r3sellers.com, there’s no need to upgrade equipment. So talk this over with your clients. You might be surprised at how it could positively influence their reluctance to change.

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