Credit Card Skimming: What It Is, and How You Can Help Prevent It

With so many people concerned about the safety of using credit cards to make purchases online, it’s always illuminating—for web developers, online merchants, and online shoppers alike—to stop a while and meditate on certain aspects that prove that online credit card transactions may be safer than in-person transactions.

Credit Card Skimming
It’s called credit card skimming, and it’s a practice employed by certain unscrupulous members of society that productive citizens refers to as thieves. The bad news is, a customer doesn’t have to have their wallet stolen for it to happen to them.

How Does It Work?
The advent of micro technology has unfortunately also given birth to small, hand-held devices that criminals can use to scan and store the credit card information contained in the card’s magnetic strip. The culprits are usually dishonest employees of brick-and-mortar establishments who collect the data and either use it to go on shopping sprees or sell it to other equally dishonest individuals.

How to Prevent It
Brick-and-mortar merchants who use credit card terminals or other mobile payment processing methods to facilitate purchases can prevent this from happening to their customers by enforcing an in-person swipe policy. You may want to suggest to your clients that all merchant POS terminals be placed in highly visible locations of their establishment to eliminate any potential opportunities.


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