The iPhone Credit Card Reader Application: Saving Trees and Impressing Customers

Credit card receipts are annoying. They have a tendency to bunch up in your pocket, and if you’re even slightly paranoid about someone thieving your identity, you’re probably loathe to toss them in the garbage. Even if you do end up filing them away someplace, there’s rarely any useful information printed on them that’ll give any indication six months (even six days) down the line to let you know what the heck you purchased in the first place. All of this is what makes the iPhone credit card terminal application so nifty.

That’s right, it’s nifty. And its convenience makes life easier for the online merchants you service, as well as their customers. Not only that, but it also gives your clients the opportunity to appease their inner tree hugger (and the one that lives within us all, as well) by offering a paperless, email-ready receipt in PDF format that a customer can have delivered to their inbox within seconds of a transaction.

It’s a capability offered by no other traditional wireless terminals. And while it’ll probably never be the make-or-break selling point in any mobile credit transaction (whoever heard a customer utter the words “Put the receipt in PDF format and you’ve got a deal” anyway?), it’s not exactly a step backward in technology, either.

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