The Continuing Education of the Dedicated Web Developer

Your first job as a web developer is to deliver great service to your clients. Without that, you’re sunk. Sure, you may bring in the occasional customer, or a whole lot of customers. But without good word of mouth and repeat business, there’s little chance of you succeeding at every business owner’s ultimate goal: to remain in business.

Everybody’s heard the statistics about word of mouth, so it’s not necessary to throw numbers around. The fact is, if your client has a negative experience with you, they’re a lot more likely to tell others about it than someone who’s had a positive experience. It’s not that your satisfied clients are ungrateful—it’s just human nature. When things go wrong, people get loud.

All of this is to emphasize why it’s so dog-gone important that as a web developer, you don’t fall behind in current trends that could negatively impact your clients.

Get yourself read. Subscribe to industry blogs and consider it a part of your job to do your homework.
Attend industry seminars. If you live in the sticks and can’t travel, attend webinars. There are plenty of resources out there, and zero excuses for you not to be interested.
Follow industry legislation. Many people don’t care for politics, but you need to be aware of things like PCI compliance and PA-DSS and how it can impact your clients’ survival in the merchant world.

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