SSL Encryption Is More than Just a Matter of Trust

When asked, most online shoppers will tell you that their main concern is the security of their private information. Identity theft is a concern that should be front and center to all decisions made by online merchants and web designers in developing the trust necessary to build a reliable foundation of customers.

SSL encryption is basically an online merchant’s way of telling a potential customer exactly who they are and where they’re located. If you think about the old saying “I know where you live” in this context, you can easily see how having this information would make an online customer—even those with extreme mistrust of online credit card transactions—all the more likely to do business. And although few online shoppers whose information gets compromised are likely to hop a flight and rap on your establishment’s door after hours with a 2 x 4 in hand, it does instill them with a valuable added sense of comfort.

Although it may go a long way in providing consumer confidence, there’s yet another reason to ensure your client’s website is SSL encrypted. It just so happens to be a primary element of PCI compliance, which requires that if a merchant is going to accept payment online by credit card, certain levels of security must be met. In short, it’s not only smart business—it’s also the rules.

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