Taking Extreme Measures – Is Deception Going too Far?

It’s the responsibility of online merchant account holders to safeguard their customers’ credit card information, as it is their responsibility to ensure that all purchases being made are legitimate. As a web developer, it’s incumbent upon you to make sure that your merchant clients have everything they need to accomplish this. So the question is raised: how far is too far in going the extra mile to provide adequate online POS security?

All’s fair in love and war, or so they say. And so it stands to reason that when it comes to deterring crime, all measures taken that result in the protection of consumers against fraud is fair—just as long as no laws are broken in the process, of course. So what about outright deception?

In a manner reminiscent of petless homeowners who conspicuously place “beware of dog” signs around their house, web designers have begun to get sneaky in their fight against online criminals by creating fields for the entry of CVV numbers… even if no check is actually run. It’s a brilliant bluff-calling ploy all internet credit card processing merchants and their web developers should consider as a viable crime deterrent. Hey, who ever said you needed a badge and a gun to fight crime?

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