The Art of Asking Questions

It’s important for you to convey to your clients that when they hired you as a web developer, they got a lot more than they were expecting. In a good way, of course—nobody should ever want to be the devil in disguise that reveals himself to a shocked and horrified clientele. Your aim should be to exceed beyond their best expectations.

Easy enough? Maybe so, maybe not so. It’s a known fact (although not yet scientifically proven) that you can’t please everybody. But it is accepted theory that if you do your best to try, you just might win over the majority. So what can you do to separate yourself from the universe of web developers who are constantly knocking at your clients’ doors, trying to lure their business away?

It’s as simple as asking questions. Probing, relevant questions. Know your customer so that you can know how to tailor your work to better suit their needs. Consider periodic meetings or conference calls to gauge their satisfaction level with their current merchant account pricing, or even take time to compare merchant accounts with other service providers to assure them that they’re still getting the best deal around. Being the kind of professional who has a broad range of flexibility is what will guarantee your own continued success.

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