As if Your Clients Needed a Reason to Own an iPhone, Now This

A good web developer is a business-savvy individual who cares for the needs of the client and never leaves them lacking. So what does it take to be a great web developer? Thousands of clients? Millions in revenue? Try psychic ability. Okay, maybe not psychic ability, but certainly the ability to think outside the box and anticipate unforeseen circumstances.

So how’s that accomplished? Funny you should ask. We just happen to have one idea that might go off like a light bulb over your head and give your clients reason to scratch their chins and think, “Now why didn’t we think of that?” In five easy words: the iPhone credit card terminal. But what good does it do to sell the iPhone’s groundbreaking ability to perform credit card processing for business clients who aren’t mobile and aren’t interested in ever going mobile?

The Ultimate Backup Plan
Armed with an iPhone as a wireless terminal, your clients never have to worry about losing sales in the event of a power outage, downed lines, technological meltdowns, or other such annoying facts of life. Even if they don’t use it as their primary point of sale, it’ll never hurt to keep it handy. Plus, it’ll give them a reason to own an iPhone without feeling as if they’re giving in to their inner gadget geek. In this arrangement, everyone wins.

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