Don’t Trash Talk the Competition

It’s a practice that really should go without saying—the only problem is, by not saying it aloud, the risk of some unsuspecting web developer stepping into a seriously sticky mess increases exponentially. Therefore, it must be stated, loud and clear: If you’re trying to win the business of a company seeking credit card merchant services, never trash talk the competition, especially when there are ways of doing so without resorting to name-calling.

Know Your Competition
As a developer, it’s incumbent upon you to know the competition inside and out. Those who would opt to play “out of sight, out of mind” games could end up holding the short end of the proverbial stick. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of other merchant account services can help you play to the strengths of your own product. It also gives your client the ability to more accurately compare merchant accounts.

Planting the Seeds
If you’ve got a point to make about the limitations of another merchant services provider, you can plant the seeds of doubt without resorting to mud-slinging or trash talk simply by posing questions to your clients about what it is they hope to gain from a working relationship with their provider. In the end, competitive merchant account pricing should be enough to sell itself. You just have to ensure that you tactfully toe the line.

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