The Truth About Online Credit Card Safety

There’s a general misconception about the dangers of using a credit card to pay for something online that has its roots in the most basic of human conditions: the rose-colored lenses syndrome. How’s that work? We’ll explain.

Even people who consider themselves somewhat tech-savvy have a tendency to view technology in a suspicious light. It’s true. It’s a part of the human condition that’s manifested itself in a history of both good and bad science fiction flicks that generally result in the overthrow of man by the evils of technology.

One of the reasons for this mistrust has more to do with people’s conception of the nature of crime itself: 100 years ago, there were no credit cards, and 100 years ago, there was less crime. But if that’s not faulty logic based on a rosy-colored perception, there’s no such thing.

FACT: Using a credit card online is far safer than physically handing it over to someone at a brick-and-mortar establishment. While a large majority of working people are honest, upstanding, and would never think of stealing someone’s information, the reality of credit card skimming has made it apparent that keying in digits over secure credit card virtual terminals is a lot safer than traditional methods. As a web developer, it pays to be aware of this—and to make your clients aware of it, too.

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