The Importance of Building a Portfolio

It’s been said that the proof is in the pudding, but the fact remains that there are a lot of people who simply don’t care for it. That, or the idea of determining whether or not something is of good quality by spending money to test it out simply doesn’t appeal to most people’s common sense. When it comes to you selling your abilities as a capable merchant account service developer, it’s not enough to expect clients to give you their business on faith.

Maintain a Portfolio
For the most part, you’ll be dealing with established merchants. A majority of these people will have a developed and attuned business savvy. Just because they can’t tell you the difference between HTML and HTTP doesn’t make them clueless. It’s entirely up to you to be able to provide potential clients with the tools they’ll need in order to decide whether or not to give you their business.

  • Not every website you design will be a work of art, but if you want to show potential clients what you’re capable of, you should be able to produce a short list of ones that come close.
  • Spotlight your diversity by offering samples of work from businesses in radically different industries.
  • Accumulate client references. People pay attention to what past customers have to say.
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