Setting Your Clients Up with Functionality

So you’re probably sitting there asking yourself, “Why in the world would any merchant want to set themselves up to take check payments online when they can already accept credit cards?” But you probably already know the answer to that question. So why’d you ask? Easy answer: because no good web developer leaves any stone unturned, or any question unasked.

Even if your client processes plenty of credit card transactions, accepting checks electronically helps ensure that the integrated payment system you create will allow a wider range of potential customers to purchase your client’s products or services. It’s an important option to leave open, if not solely to offer customers without credit cards the ability to make purchases, then to simply give their customers an additional payment option in the event a backup method’s ever needed.

Merchant Requirements
Before you try to integrate eCheck functionality into a website, here are just a few things you need to ensure your client has:

  • A U.S. bank account that can accommodate online transactions.
  • An payment gateway account enabled for Card Not Present transactions.
  • Successful website and payment gateway integration using the Advanced Integration Method (AIM).

The ability to accept electronic checks may seem to some an antiquated payment method, but the most successful online merchants know that the more payment options there are, the better their chances of closing a sale.

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