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Payment gateway integration with functionality may not be something that you as a web developer consider an important point of sale application for your client’s website, but they themselves might feel differently, especially if that merchant is sensitive to the needs of those who don’t feel comfortable using credit cards online. In this case, it’s time to break out the glossary and get yourself familiarized with the ABCs of eCheck basics.

  • ARC (Accounts Receivable Conversion): ARC is a nifty feature that allows a merchant to take a physical check mailed to them by a customer and process it as an electronic payment.
  • BOC (Back Office Conversion): Performing a Back Office Conversion is similar to an ARC in that it’s a functionality that allows a merchant to convert a physical check into an electronic payment. The only difference here is the method of the check’s receipt. Whereas ARCs are performed on checks received by mail, BOCs are performed on checks written at an actual point of sale and handed over physically.
  • CCD (Cash Concentration or Disbursement): A CCD is a charge or refund transaction on a customer’s checking account. CCDs are transactions performed only to and from the business checking accounts of corporate entities.
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