A Day Late = A Bunch of Dollars Short

Specializing in the development of small business merchant accounts makes you, the web developer, partially responsible for assisting your clients with the creation of certain policies that can impact their moneymaking ability. While you should probably never assume it’s within your domain to tell your clients how to run their business, it never hurts to make suggestions that can reduce their exposure to potentially costly chargeback situations.

Raising the Bar
There’s a saying everyone’s heard that dictates, “The customer is always right.” Although this is generally stated as a guideline to help businesses establish certain criteria to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction, it’s something that the major credit card companies have implemented as a standard to operate by—or pay the price.

Don’t Promise the Stars
Your clients may often feel the urge to make pie-in-the-sky promises as a way to attract business, but as their web developer and consultant, you should suggest they keep expectations realistic. And not just as a general customer satisfaction rule, but because consumers are given an incredible amount of leeway when it comes to requesting and receiving chargebacks. Was a product’s delivery promised by a certain date and received late? If so, your client could end up eating the cost. In other words, your clients should never promise the stars if they can only deliver the moon.

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