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To Sign or Not to Sign: Either Way Works

As improvements in development continue to be made, the iPhone credit card terminal is morphing in a way to make leaps and bounds look like baby steps. What originally started out as a method of collecting and transmitting credit card … Continue reading

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The “Shiny Object Factor”

One of the best tips for ensuring that your clients don’t lose a customer in the all-important final moments before closing a sale is by employing what we’ll call the Shiny Object Factor. What Is It? Everyone’s familiar with it. … Continue reading

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How PCI Compliance Affects Your Clients with More than One Location

Adherence to PA-DSS guidelines is an issue of grave severity that should occupy the number-one position on the list of priorities for every web developer and e-commerce solutions provider on the planet. (And those who would claim exemption from this … Continue reading

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